Vancouver based artist, Jenn Brisson, started her art career in Classical Animation working on kids’ TV Shows and films for many moons. All that time drawing cartoons mixed with an interest for the macabre has brought equal parts strange and saccharine to her art. Jenn loves to paint pictures that tell stories and showcase characters that rule in far away places; Nature’s mysteries and curious beings that long to learn more about life and the viewer that gazes upon them.  These mischievous creatures live upon textured backgrounds made with mixed materials, such as spray paint, stencils and ripped paper. They will draw you in with their hypnotic eyes, soft contours and calming colours, and hope to enchant you so you may dream of other places where magic still exists.

Jenn’s work has shown in galleries across Canada and in the US and has also made an appearance in Vancouver’s local street scene. Her work has been published in comics, kids’ novels and various art books, was showcased on CBC’s TV Show “Crash Gallery” and has recently been exploring mural painting. In 2015, she completed an 8×54′ mural for Downtown Vancouver, painted a collaborative 500sf mural in New York City and just returned from a mural residency in Sicily, where she painted a 10×67 foot mural in the small village of Graniti with the art collective, 13 Feet Off The Ground.

Currently living in Mount Pleasant, Jenn continues to chase magic beings and is living life to the fullest.

You can see more of her work at www.jennbrisson.com and as of recent, on the bodies of local art enthusiasts as she is now creating her own line of wearable art.


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