Eastside Culture Crawl 2017


I will be at my studio space for the Crawl at William Clark Studios 1310 William St Studio 15.

Please come in, say hi and check out the studio space! I will also be happy to tell you more about the residency and my adventures. See you soon!


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13 Feet Off The Ground – Graniti Murales

Graniti Murales/Art Project Graniti

If you haven’t heard the news yet, I have just returned from a month and half long adventure, that opened my eyes and heart to the richness of Sicilian culture. My trip took me to New York, then London via The Queen Mary across the Atlantic for 7 days, plane to Rome, train to Sicily, then flew back to London before heading home just in time for the Eastside Culture Crawl which starts today, Thurs Nov 16th! The purpose of the trip, was to stay at an artist residency in a small village in Sicily, called Graniti, with an art collective I am a part of called 13 Feet Off The Ground. I cannot express enough how much this special gem of a place has meant to all of the 13FOTG members, and I am so happy to have experienced it with these women. During our stay at the residency, called Graniti Murales or Art Project Graniti, we each painted our own mural for the town and then a group mural. We were able to go on some “outtings” to see the surrounding areas and also got to experience some of Sicilian culture by doing a day of olive picking. If you would like to see more images and hear more stories about our trip as well as information from each artist, please go to our website 13feetofftheground.com


Shifting and Revealing

Was it the Church bell’s random song?
Or the dog’s warning as I tread along?

Was it those subtle ways, so helpful but frightening?
Warm inviting gazes, windows to uncharted places?

Was it the frigid wind, that awoke me and lifted me up higher?

Floating towards the mountains
Painted under a Sicilian sky


Proud to be finally finished the mural after being in Sicily for 3 weeks. The mural took just under 2 weeks to complete, maybe working 5 hour days and had to stop a couple of days because of rain and “technical” difficulties. 

Here I am with my 10ft x 67ft mural completed. It is called “Shifting and Revealing”. At first, the piece was more about the animals and insects I met on my first couple of days of my trip, with the hummingbirds representing Vancouver’s official bird and the red thread representing 13 Feet Off The Ground. By the time I completed, it became more about my experience and the openings and shifts I felt during my time in Graniti, than the actual animals themselves. It was through the animals, the olive trees, the sage and eucalyptus branches, the bells that would ring randomly all day and all night, the night sky, the new Sicilian card game, called Briscola, I learned, the friends I arrived with and the new ones I had made along the way… all the elements of my journey… the masks and layers moving away to reveal this Being on the inside… who of course is me.

There is more to this story, of course, and I cannot forget all the help, encouragement, gratitude and all the food 🙂 that I received while doing this piece from the locals and from the rest of the group. It might all sound cheesy, but it’s true… I feel like a new person after this trip and encourage anyone thinking of doing this residency to DO IT… or any residency! It really takes you out of your regular everyday life and forces you to be present and look at things differently with compassion.

For more info on Graniti Murales, go to granitimurales.org

Other links to check out:

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20th Anniversary for Eastside Culture Crawl

14753493_1294914547188402_3007642815094651331_oThis year marks 20 years for the Eastside Culture Crawl! I’m happy to say I’ve participated in 8 years of it, including this year! 4 years in the Parker Building and this will be the 4th in William Clark! Just a few days away and I’m still getting things ready and ordering last minute things (of course). But fingers crossed it’ll be another successful year! I will have brand new magnets and buttons, stickers, art prints and original paintings and this year I will be selling the earrings I made from the summer as well as my tank tops! It’s been a VERY busy fall for me as I’ve been taking a few classes and getting ready to do another mural for downtown Vancouver (very exciting!). More news on that later… right now i have to focus on what i need to get done in the next few days and BREATHE! Hope to see you at the space!!


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Cosmic Sea

What a fantastic show! I was super excited to be sharing the wall space with amazing local artists Kristian Adam and Phresha. Our magical underwater theme was a hit and turned out many of the paintings found homes after the show. Thanks to Hot Art Wet City for featuring us and looking forward to possibly working with these 2 fantastical artists in the near future! For images of the pieces and the opening night, please go to HAWC’s flickr page.

Cosmic Sea_promo

Cosmic Sea
featuring Jenn Brisson, Kristian Adam & Phresha
September 8–30, 2016

When your mind has gone deep space fishing, what creatures will it encounter? Cosmic Sea features new works from Jenn Brisson, Kristian Adam and Phresha. The nautical and metaphysical theme sets the stage for the many colourful new works by the three artists. Invisible sea creatures, extra-terrestrial ocean babes, jellypurrrs and octophants, magical coral reefs, an army of lollipop licking dolphins floating through the milky way. Oh, and don’t forget…. SPACECRABS! These are just some of the amazing things you soon may witness. Both plants and animals first evolved in the sea. Now they must evolve in space and the deep sea of our minds!

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Downtown Vancouver meets Mother Nectar!

Sooo, this happened last fall! I was approached by the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association (DVBIA) in association with the businesses of Hastings West to do a 8x54ft mural for Downtown Vancouver!

granville and hastings1_sm_COLOURactual_new

My rough design for Mother Nectar.

It took me 2 months to do(I work during the day, so I could only paint the mural in the eves and weekends), and since I was working on this during the most darkest, coldest and wettest of Vancouver days, I brought the mural to my studio space at the William Clark Studios. Thankfully, that meant I could work till the wee hours of the morning as well as be dry and warm.


Warm and dry inside my art space at the William Clark Studios!

I worked on it 3 panels at a time (because of space restrictions of course), so there was a lot of puzzling going on and did everything with hand and brush (no spray paint since I was doing it indoors). I had a few helpers with me from time to time, but this was such a huge project for me and it was such a great learning experience! I loved every minute of it! It was therapeutic at times, but also challenging. When doing something new and this big, there will always be a few bumps along the way. I took time lapse of the process and made 7 videos of the whole thing! On instalment day, it was the FIRST TIME I got to see the mural all together in one piece!!


Out in the freezing cold doing the final touches…


Smiling at cars and buses honking and waving as they drive by… Seems like ppl were really grateful about the new addition!




I’ve been interviewed by quite a few ppl about it now as it’s been raising questions about why Vancouver doesn’t have as much public art as most other big cities and what is the difference between street art and graffiti. I’ve posted them here in case anyone wanted to have a read. They are very interesting and bring up a lot of good points. My wish is to see more public art like this around the city as it not only makes art more accessible to everyone, but makes the world a bit more colourful. 🙂

Here are a few Articles that I could find so far:





“Mother Nectar” 8x54ft Outdoor acrylic and marker on wood

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Jenn Brisson Art at VALT 2014


Every year, the amazing VALT team put on a wicked weekend of fashion shows! The nights include music, art, dance, circus performances and film, as well. This year I had the great opportunity to show in the event’s gallery along with other local artists.




Here’s the video from VALT 2013. I was modeling for that one, so it was really cool to see the show from a different perspective. See if you can spot me in the video 🙂

VALT 2013 from Shutter House Films on Vimeo.

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New Luciterra Design and Logo

Ya! Just wanted to show you the new design that I did for the amazing women of Luciterra! If you have never seen these incredible performers live… you are definitely missing out!! When they are back from studying in India(around March), please check them out at Guilt and Co every last Tues of the month. They’ll blow your mind!

Luciterra_Clean Version_final_sm
 Art by me, Logo by Josef Pollinator 🙂






My cat, Gimli likes the new design too! I believe all the tanks and hoodies are now SOLD OUT! Stay tuned for reprints!

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Great Success!!

Another successful Eastside Culture Crawl has come and gone! Thank you to everyone who popped in to say hi and for all your support over the years!! And looks like The Georgia Straight used a picture of my art space for one of their articles!!!



Also, here is the ad that was in The Georgia Straight to tell people where my space was located for the Crawl! Thanks again to everyone who came in to visit!!

See you again next year 🙂



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New Skate Deck Pieces for Eastside Culture Crawl

Ok, now that things are up and running again(wow, that took 2 years!), I can start posting again! So, here’s the first one… my new deck pieces for the Eastside Culture Crawl happening TODAY till Sunday! All are for sale! Come check them out in my art space, Room 15 at the William Clark Studios at 1310 William Street. boards_Nov2014

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Upcoming Show! “Look Up Here!” Bherd’s 5th Anniversary Show and Book Release

1st Artist Opening: Friday, March 9 from 6-10pm – Each artist from Bherd’s Book will be submitting a piece for the anniversary show. This is the opening!

Encore Opening: Friday, April 13 – The book is released and the night is not only an art show, but a book signing as well!




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