Here is the time-lapse video of the mural I did with co-worker and friend, Morgane Billault, at our work, Titmouse Animation, over the summer. Design by us, music by my good friend Groove Operator, and moral support by Chi, the studio dog. Enjoy!


Here is my third ‘5 Second Day’ film with Titmouse Animation Vancouver! The music is taken from a section of a song I wrote with my band, The Damps. Enjoy!


“Crusaders of Colour” Showing mid August to mid October(2016) at The Fall Gallery!
Jenn Brisson- The Crusaders of Colour from Xanax Assassins on Vimeo.


My second ‘5 Second Day’ film with Titmouse Animation Vancouver!


I have 7 videos all together showing the entire process of the mural painting and installation! The music I used are all from friends here, in Vancouver and I had a lot of fun wearing different hats and costumes for it. Please head to my YouTube Channel to watch them all! Here are 2 of my faves including the last one, from the installation day! Enjoy!


SOOOOO much has happened this year! 2015 has been so FULL of amazing surprises! And to end off the year, THIS happened!! Recently I completed a survey from car2Go and one of the questions was, “If you could do something special for someone you love, what would it be?” I answered and I was super thrilled and excited to find out that I got chosen to make my wish come true! Here is the video to prove it! Haha. Try not to cry! Thanks car2Go for the opportunity to take my dad on an adventure for the day. Enjoy 🙂


Here is my promo for CBC’s newest TV show, “Crash Gallery“! My episode is the 5th one and the Season Finale, which airs Oct 30th at 8:30pm on CBC! You can watch it on the website after it airs, as well as all the other episodes and the promos for all the artists!


Also…  I am working on an 8×54 feet mural that will be installed Downtown Vancouver on Hastings West at Granville! It is designed and painted by me in partnership with the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association (DVBIA) and the businesses of Hastings West. The work is being done in my studio at the William Clark Studios in East Vancouver, BC.


Here’s the film I did for 5 Second Day! It’s when Titmouse Animation gives their employees the day to work on their own films, as long as they are at least 5 seconds long. Well, here’s what I was able to get done in time. Enjoy!


Again… not a fan of watching and hearing myself on videos… But here’s the video that the team at RAW did for me from the RAW Vancouver show that happened Jan 8th, 2015. Thanks guys!


Here’s an interview with Hot Art Wet City to promote their Hot One Inch Action Show.


Here’s a little snippet of me at The Fall Gallery‘s “Toy Show” back in fall/winter  2010 (AGES AGO!). I show up around 2:26… Man, I do NOT like watching myself!

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